Monkey Paw 2.0 Excerpt

He would sell it as a “Sub-cranial Transponder.”  
     Wait, make that, Extraterrestrial Sub-cranial Transponder.  His friend, Adjunct Professor Edward McElroy at the Cataqua Community College Science Department,  had certified it authentic. A signed, laser-printed certificate would accompany the device, and bump up its value by $200 on eBay.
     Jack clicked on “create auction,” sat back, and reviewed the posting.  All the critical keywords were there:  alien device, unknown origin, UFO, implant, proof of contact.  He had posted a “buy it now” price of $500.  If it sold quickly, he would have the cash he needed to buy an item he had been watching on eBay for the last four days:
     Mummified Sumatran Monkey Paw.  The pictures showed it in glorious detail. Weathered mahogany skin, a tuft of matted fur at the wrist, gnarled fingers frozen in a partial clench, and the thumb–intact and protruding outward like a perpetual thumbs-up that made Jack think of “The Fonz” from Happy Days.  

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