Let’s Move Things Forward

The Laundromat Cafe, downtown Reykjavik

The last two years have been tumultuous. In that time I finished up a deployment in the Middle East, reunited with my family, traveled to Iceland twice, France for a month, Napa for my niece’s wedding, Montreal for a music festival, and punctuated it all with an unexpected and unwelcome divorce. As a result, I shuttered my beloved Shroud Publishing because I lacked the piece of mind to keep it going.

In all honesty I abandoned Shroud. It pains me to admit it, but that’s the truth.  My ex was never a big fan of the money and attention I put into it, and it was always a point of contention between us.  When my marriage went south, the last thing I could think of was trying to keep that leaky boat afloat.  Instead, I channeled my energy into my kids.  I’m still flinchy about the whole abandonment. Shroud was bigger than just me, and I knew I had a responsibility to the writers who had submitted to it, and to the larger community of publishers, artists, and friends that had helped support it. In the end, I completely lacked the fortitude to keep it going, and I am sincerely sorry about that.

It’s just over a year since my divorce and I am thankful I have three wonderful offspring, a good job, and a handful of close friends that sustain me. I’ve started writing again, and am beginning to update my social media to reflect the way ahead.  I hope that way ahead is more focused on the really great things in life that drive me — words, music, art, family, friends, food, and happiness. I’m still a bit haunted and confused that I find myself in a place I literally had never expected, but each day provides more promise for moving things forward.