I am a writer, former editor and college professor at two universities, and I’m currently working in a variety of security advisory roles.

The cover to the third anthology I edited.
The cover to the third anthology I edited.

The bulk of my nonfiction work has been published in newspapers and magazines across the United States and is focused on travel, entertainment, dining, technology, and national security issues.  My fiction runs the gamut from strange, noir, atmospheric horror, a variety of military sub genres, and literary fiction. It has appeared in a number of anthologies and print and Web publications. I have an MFA from Southern NH University and I taught English Composition, Sophomore Seminar, Creative Writing, and Graduate Creative Nonfiction there as well. I also taught writing and liberal Arts classes at New England College. I have a masters degree in Security and Safety Leadership from The George Washington University. For about five years I planned the programming for the Anthology Conference, (AnthoCon) a literary event in Portsmouth, NH that featured bestselling authors and award-winning artists. I’m currently agent-shopping a novel, “King of Birds” about a brain-injured veteran that suffers complex hallucinations who becomes embroiled in small-town corruption and intrigue (a dark comedy).  In addition, I am working on a new novel, “Proc Nine” about a retired counterintelligence agent who becomes enmeshed in the seedy underworld of unpasteurized cheese.

This is my publishing bio:

In 2007, Tim launched Shroud Magazine, the Journal of Dark Fiction and Art (a Black Quill nominee), which in

My magazine (issue #6) on the shelf at Barnes & Noble
Shroud Magazine (issue #6) on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.

2008 was selected by Ingram Periodicals for North American retail distribution through the Barnes & Noble retail chain. He has edited three anthologies, two of which were simultaneously recommended for Bram Stoker Awards from the Horror Writers’ Association with BENEATH THE SURFACE ultimately garnering the nomination. Tim has authored more than 100 published stories, news pieces, features, and analysis in topics such as technology and business, entertainment, the arts, and film. Prior to his career in writing and publishing, Tim was a police officer, paratrooper, and Army counterintelligence agent.

My first anthology (received a Bram Stoker Nomination for this one)
My first anthology (received a Bram Stoker Nomination for this one)
My second anthology
My second anthology

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