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Laugh until your sacred cow’s milk comes out of your nose

Saw this in the news today:

Comedy Central’s plan to develop an animated project about Jesus Christ has the biggest names in the TV watchdog business forming a protest supergroup to preemptively smite the show.

Once again the religious community is banding together to “protect” the sanctity of their idols.  How dare Comedy Central cast an animated Jesus Christ in one of their “crass” programs!  The outrage!

Part of this controversy stems from Comedy Central’s recent censorship of “South Park” for its portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad.  As a result, some Christian leaders see the prospect of a Jesus cartoon as proof of an offensive double standard.  OK, I get that, but is this coalition of Christians so petty as to try and block the depiction of Jesus Christ in animated form simply because Comedy Central pandered to the Muslim community?

It may be a double standard, but who the fuck cares?  Show me where it’s forbidden in the Christian religion to animate Jesus Christ!

I recognize the important role religion plays in many peoples’ lives, but I don’t quite understand the pervasive need to “protect” it from parody and satire.  I see religion as a personal, intimate experience.  If you frame it in that context then its safe and secure from outside influence.  The problem is, so many believe that it is their solemn duty to compel other people to buy into their belief system–and in this case that would also mean Comedy Central.

All I can say is “lighten up.”  Jesus was a historical figure too, one that plays a different role in a variety of people’s lives.  You don’t own the man; he doesn’t need your protection, so relax.

Clearly god has a sense of humor anyway.  Have you SEEN a baboon’s ass?