A running list of past, present, and future works.

Short Stories

“Surfaced,” Lamplight Magazine Vol. 3 Iss. 4, edited by Jacob Haddon, Apokrupha Press (2015)

“Trolls of Souhegan Valley,” From the Corner of your Eye Anthology, edited by David Kramer, Great Old Ones Publishing (2015)

“The Rookery of St. Mere Eglise,” Corvidae Anthology, edited by Rhonda Parrish, World Weaver Press (2015)

“King of the Watery Deep,” X-Files Anthology, Vol. 1, edited by Jonathan Maberry, IDW Publishing (2015)

“1988 Behind the 9:30 Club,” The Healing Monsters Anthology, edited by Shawn Macomber and Kirscinda Lee Everitt, Despumation Press (2015)

“Contained,” Pernicious Invaders, edited by Henry Snider, Great Old Ones Publishing (2015)

“Compound Problems,” Shotgun Honey eZine (2014)

“Monkey Paw 2.0,” Relics & Remains, edited by Ty Schwamberger, Dark Quest Books (2012)

“Green Light,” Amoskeag Literary Magazine MFA Fiction Contest Finalist, SNHU (2011)

“Black Lake,” Northern Haunts, edited by Tim Deal, Shroud Publishing (2010)

“The Deep End,”  Beneath the Surface, edited by Tim Deal, Shroud Publishing (2008)

“RedCap,” The Help Anthology, edited by Eric Enck, Independent Publishing (2008)


Proc Nine, in progress.

Hiram Grange, in progress.

King of Birds, agent/publisher shopping

Hiram Grange and the Village of the Damned (as Jake Burrows), Shroud Publishing (2009)

Anthologies (as editor)

Soldiers, Spies, and Lawmen, Shroud Publishing (2015)

Anthology:  Year Three, The Four Horsemen (2014)

Northern Haunts, Shroud Publishing (2010)

Abominations, Shroud Publishing (2008)

Beneath the Surface, Shroud Publishing (2008) *Bram Stoker Nominee.


What the Hell Was I Thinking? (2008)
Introduction (Beneath the Surface) (2008)
Whispers and Other Utterances: Letters (Shroud, Spring 2008) (2008)
From the Editor: The Joy of Fear and the Gnashing of Teeth (Shroud, Spring 2008) (2008)
Windows to the Soul: Film and DVD Reviews (Shroud, Spring 2008) (2008) with Marie O’Regan and Shawn Oetzel
The Amazing Art of Bart Willard (2008)
From the Editor: The Joy of Fear and the Gnashing of Teeth (Shroud, Fall 2008) (2008)
Introduction (Northern Haunts) (2009)
From the Editor (Shroud, Winter 2009) (2009)
From the Editor: The Joy of Fear and the Gnashing of Teeth (Shroud, Autumn 2009) (2009)
From The Editor: A Relationship with Isolation (2010)
From the Editor: The Story Beneath the Story (Shroud, Spring 2011) (2011)


Dark Effigies: Malcolm McClinton (2009)

Beneath the Shroud: An Interview with Horror Master: Brian Keene (2008) with Brian Keene

Dark Effigies: Artists within the Genre: The Haunted Art of Thomas Straub (2008) with Thomas Straub
Dark Effigies: Artists Within the Genre (2008) with Martin Blanco
An Interview with Tom Piccirilli (2009) with Tom Piccirilli

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